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        1. 江蘇恒興新材料科技股份有限公司

          Jiangsu Hengxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          The company specializes in R&D and production

          organic ketones, acids, esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers and acid anhydrides, etc.


          Hengxing New Material Technology

          China Hong Kong corporate culture


          1、 Corporate purpose of China Hong Kong

          Respect talents, know people and be good at their duties; Respect employees and treat each other sincerely;

          Respect customers, honesty and integrity; Respect for scientific innovation and perfection;


          2、 The eight character policy of China and Hong Kong

          Safety, environmental protection, high quality and efficiency


          3、 Safety and environmental protection concept of China Hong Kong

          In terms of ideological safety and environmental protection, we can't relax for a moment;

          Safety and environmental protection should not be careless at work.


          4、 China Hong Kong product quality policy

          Take the market as the guide, pay close attention to leading science and technology, and optimize management,

          Pay close attention to product quality and produce products that exceed customer satisfaction.


          5、 Four insistences of China and Hong Kong

          Adhere to the idea of loving home as loving home;

          Adhere to the business philosophy of honesty and integrity;

          Adhere to the employment concept of knowing people and being good at their posts;

          Adhere to the development concept of safety, green and energy saving.


          6、 China Hong Kong Spirit

          Diligence, simplicity, loyalty and kindness; Love, dedication, self-restraint and dedication;

          Respect the old, love the young, be virtuous and harmonious; Constantly strive for self-improvement and innovation.


          7、 Sino Hong Kong factory training

          Take care of the overall situation and ignore the ego; Seeking common ground while reserving minor differences;

          Obey the people's will and despise family affection; Advocate skirt integrity and bring group integrity;

          Eliminate factory discipline and discipline yourself first; Raise positive pressure and evil Qi;

          Be in good fortune and worry about trouble; Seeking development and emphasizing innovation.


          8、 Two continue

          Continue to inherit and carry forward the spirit of China and Hong Kong;

          Continue to follow the development path of "love factory, practical work and innovation" with the characteristics of China and Hong Kong.


          9、 Excellent employee standard

          1. Professionalism

          2. Loyalty

          3. Good interpersonal relationship

          4. Team spirit

          5. Spontaneous work

          6. Pay attention to details and pursue perfection

          7. No excuses

          8. Strong executive ability

          9. Find ways to improve work efficiency

          10. Make good suggestions for enterprises

          11. Maintain corporate image

          12. Share a common destiny with the enterprise

          Jiangsu Hengxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Hengxing New Material Technology

          Jiangsu Hengxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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